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The story of our multi-generational, family-owned company dates back to 1975, with the hard work and determination of Ed Hege. The company’s growth over time is directly attributed to our most valuable assets… our clients. We are indebted to every individual and family that has and continues to place their trust in us as a financial advice partner. Here is a little bit about how our company started and how we evolved over time.


Ed Hege began his career in the life insurance business at the urging of his father, Bill Hege, who was a career accountant. Ed was affiliated with Jefferson Standard and offered life insurance solutions to individuals and small business owners. 


Ed ventured out on his own and formed his own firm, Hege & Co., in order to better serve his clients through enhanced life insurance solutions and group employee benefit plans. Ed and his father, Bill, were able to operate out of the same building for 6 years. This working relationship fostered a number of relationships still valued in the firm today. We even still have Bill’s adding machine in our office today!


Ed had become one of the leading representatives at Integon Life Insurance, a regional company headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC. A byproduct of his success in this role created the opportunity to purchase the Integon Home Office agency and expand his firm into a multiple producer insurance agency, as Hege & Associates. Ed maintained his role as a leading producer as well as General Agent.


Hege & Associates relocated from downtown Winston-Salem to their longtime home on Brookstown Avenue. From there, Ed guided the firm into the 21st century with a number of longtime, loyal associates. During these years, the firm’s primary insurance relationship transitioned from Integon to Jefferson Pilot. It was through an integral relationship with Jay Livingston in Charlotte, NC, that formed our partnership with Highland Capital Brokerage, still intact today.


Along with all the representatives from Hege & Associates, Ed joined Jefferson Pilot Securities to offer securities and investment solutions for his clients. This partnership proved productive over the next 18 years of our firm, first as Jefferson Pilot and later as Lincoln Financial Securities.


After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill and subsequently working for 2 years with American Airlines, Will joined the firm in June. Ed and Will thus began a long tenured relationship and partnership to guide the firm into the next era of client service.


Due to a proposed development opportunity in Winston-Salem, we were forced to relocate from our Brookstown Ave. office to our current location on Plaza West Rd. Beginning in 2003, we were able to acquire and renovate our current office building. While we were in the process of moving, we took the opportunity to rebrand as Hege Financial Group.


As Jefferson Pilot Securities, our broker-dealer, merged with Lincoln Financial, we were able to experience significant growth, and Will had the opportunity to take on leadership roles with Lincoln, such as the Chair of the Registered Representative Advisory Board


Will was finally able to convince Steven Rubin, now COO, to switch careers and join the firm as the first non-family member advisor.


Will is named President and CEO of Hege Financial Group, assuming responsibility for operational management and strategic direction of the firm.


We transitioned broker-dealers from Lincoln to our current partner, LPL Financial. This change has been amazing for both us and our clients, as our technology, tools, and offerings have been enhanced through our new partnership. It was truly the right decision at the right time.


The HFG team celebrated Christmas with our annual tradition of going to Beatrix's house for a Malaysian steam boat feast.


After the company's first "marketing retreat", we developed our official mission, vision, and core values statement. Our office was also remodeled and branded with our new tag line:
Your Journey. Confident. Empowered.


We are now poised and excited for growth in the coming years, as we have six team members ready to serve our clients’ financial planning needs.

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