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Schedule Your Call

Schedule a quick introductory call with one of our advisors. This call is complimentary, with no obligation, and gives us a good idea of how we can help guide you. If we both feel that we are a good fit, we can then schedule a Discovery Meeting.

Step 1

Complete Your Financial Organizer

Our team will send you a financial organizer to complete. We ask that you send it to us ahead of time or bring it with you the day of your Discovery Meeting. By having compiled this information, we can better diagnose your financial household and make our meeting more efficient, saving you time!

Step 2

Discovery Meeting

Plan to spend 60-90 minutes with one of our advisors to review your financial organizer and connect on a personal level. We want to understand the numbers, but also want to find out who you are and why you believe planning is important.

Step 3

Create & Implement Your Financial Road Map

Following the Discovery meeting, our team goes to work for you! On your next visit, we will discuss your goals and objectives, and make recommendations to help create your financial plan.

When you are ready to implement our plan, we handle the mechanics of the transition and inform you of any follow up steps.

Step 4

Live Confidently

We monitor our recommendations and communicate with you regularly to ensure your financial plan remains aligned with your goals. We are committed to your continual education regarding your financial roadmap.

You can stay connected through the use of our online tool and mobile app, Account View, and also leverage the entire HFG team – we are all working for you!

Enjoy your journey, confident and empowered, free from financial anxiety.

Step 5

Financial Planning & Investment Management

Hege Financial Group provides the most value to

those with $250,000+ of investable assets.

Annual Fee
0.6 - 1.5%
% is applied to total assets managed by HFG

 ✓ Personalized financial advice
 ✓ Investment management and asset allocation
 ✓ Detailed cash flow projections and planning
 ✓ Retirement planning and retirement income strategies
 ✓ Estate, insurance, and tax planning strategies

 ✓ Ongoing coordination with your attorney and CPA

Not the right time to invest at HFG?

HFG also offers Financial Planning subscriptions starting at $150/month.